Who am I & what am I about?

Sarah Roberts

My mission, passion, and goal are to inspire, motivate, educate and guide the Black and Mixed Heritage Community to reflect on the relationship we have with our hair, looking at the subject areas below and many others: 

Understanding the science and makeup of Afro-textured hair and maintaining a balance of moisture and protein balance that is required for optimum health.


What does healthy Afro-textured hair look and feel like, regardless of our unique and beautiful different textures and curl patterns?


What does a healthy hair care regime look like?  (cleansing and conditioning routine). Reflecting on the relationship we have adopted with wigs and weaves in the UK.


The messages we are giving to our children and the younger generation regarding our relationship with our hair. 

I graduated from Brunel University, studying social work and I have a BA Hons in Applied Social Studies.

I am passionate about making a positive difference in people's lives, through education, knowledge, and empowerment.  My engagement with women, children and young people over the last 20 years have enabled me to promote a positive sense of self-identity, emotional well-being, strength and resilience in women’s lives, in areas of positive parenting, healthy relationships and the development of self for personal growth and progression.  


Over the last 10 years, I have pursued my passion to promote and share my knowledge of healthy hair within the Black and mixed Heritage community in regards to the beauty and special care needs of Afro-textured hair, promoting self-acceptance and self-love, in regards to cultural heritage and identity.