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Positive Health & Well-being of
Afro-textured Hair

Our hair is our biggest accessory, it's our crown and glory, it's part of our unique identity.  Our hair has a voice and character. Its special makeup allows us to create a vision of beauty and creative art, tells a visual picture of culture, identity, fun, sophistication, style, and finesse.


Saffron Jade takes a holistic approach to the overall health and wellness of women, men, children, and young people and the care of Afro-textured hair, with the main aim to educate, empower, motivate and inspire individuals to understand the science of our Afro-textured hair and the care it needs to be healthy, strong, grow long, shiny, promoting self-love, a positive sense of identity, self-acceptance and a positive self-esteem in regards to our cultural heritage, history, and ethnic identity.

Our natural individual and unique curl pattern can only be revealed and discovered when we adopt a healthy hair care regime, of regular cleansing and conditioning of our scalp and hair. It is essential that we adopt a healthy hair care regimen and understand the importance of healthy product choices to nourish and feed our hair with essential moisture and strength. We also need to understand the importance of ‘healthy hair care practices’ related to styling, wearing wigs, weaves and braids to promote our hair’s optimum health in regards to growth, condition and maintaining length.