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Positive Health and Well-being for
Afro-textured Hair

A Holistic Approach to Healthy Hair Care 

Making a positive difference in peoples lives through Education, Knowledge, and Empowerment


You are enough
You are beautiful
You are unique
You are loved

Who am I and what am I about?

Over the last 10 years, I have pursued my passion to promote and share my knowledge of healthy hair within the Black and mixed Heritage community in regards to the beauty and special care needs of Afro-textured hair, promoting self-acceptance and self-love, in regards to cultural heritage and identity.

Books Coming Soon.

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Unsure how to care for your hair?

Does your hair always feel dry?

Want to know how to achieve long healthy hair?

YOU & YOUR HAIR is a master class book and comprehensive and easy-to-follow blueprint to managing and nurturing your Afro hair. Complete with the knowledge and guidance you need to know to maintain your hair.  

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Science & care of Afro-textured hair for children & young people

Children and young people’s books about understanding the science and care of Afro-textured hair. This book also incorporates self-love and identity of helping children and young people to feel confident with their identity, unique image and ethnicity  and love and respect the hair that was created especially for them


The relationship we have with our hair

Reflecting on the relationship we have with our hair, starting from our history and journey of our hair, from our ancestral heritage to our current time. The book will be an ultimate celebration and reflection of Afro-texture hair, including information and the care needs of our hair, looking at the ‘natural hair revolution’, hair practices, how age affects our hair, products and much more. 



Gill, Saffron Jade Customer

I have seen a change in my hair since attending Sarah’s healthy hair events.  Sarah is passionate about what she does, her spray is great and when I take my hair out of plaits, it's easy to take out, not tangled and in very good condition.


Yvonne, Saffron Jade Customer

After the first few weeks of following Sarah’s suggested regime, I noticed a big difference with my hair, looked healthy and felt nice.  I followed the same process with my daughters we haven’t looked back. Thank you, Sarah.